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Nail It

My final year project at university gave me a challenge to design my own brief, produce and promote my final product.
The brief was to 'ensure a sense of safety & security', the overall research began by looking into safety in high-risk areas, most common injuries were found in DIY.

Whilst at my final degree show I was awarded the best BSc Product design award for my final project. I was given the opportunity to travel down to London to New Designers 2011 to exhibit my final product. I had a full animation and 3D rapid model showing the detail of the assembly of the product.

Nail it was awarded the New Designers Wilkinson Award for Product Design 2011.

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Tiger Sheds

Using a combination of Solidworks and 3D Studio Max, great tools for actuate models and powerful renders.

The sister company '' used the graphics to promote their new website launched in February 2013, which I helped manage.

I came to the company with no experience with sheds, however I had able to generate 3D computer based models and technical drawings for all the products.

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Road Cone

The project began by looking into various product life cycles. Products that consume natural resources and take a long time to manufacture, or don't really have any end of life options.

I took on the challenge to combine the two elements of a barrier and a cone. Obviously this would cause lots of issues with the current cones doing a great job as they are. The market aimed for would be the small civil engineering companies that are hired ahoc basis. The type of roads these would be used on are small inter-city, b-roads and general streets.

The project gave me a new design techniques while coming up with new ideas, this was also very engineering based by using Solidworks to test the cone in a wind tunnel, impact testing and general construction.

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